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Here is guidance on how to set up shipping solution through Montonio, what you need to have, and to do for that.

1. Business contracts signed with shipping carriers

To start using our shipping module, you have to have signed business contracts with specific shipping carriers.

Here are carriers' self-service pages, where you can start an agreement with them:

2. How to activate Shipping service in the Partner System

When the contract/s are signed, you have to activate the service in the Partner System

  1. Log in to Partner System.

  2. Find "Shipments" in the navigation.

  3. Click "Get started with shipping".

  4. Check that Sender details are correct as this information will be used on the label, for billing, and in case of returned packages.

  5. Now go to the next section to set up each carrier 👇

3. How to set up Shipping Carriers

Setting up carriers means that you connect specific carriers with Montonio, so that we can create shipments and labels to the correct accounts.

  1. In the Shipping tab under Store settings you can see a list of carriers. Choose one and click on "Activate".

  2. Enter all required information needed for the specific carrier, like username or API key.

  3. When you activate the first carrier, you also need to accept our Terms.

  4. Click "Activate" and you should get a success screen if all information is correct.

If you're in doubt what do you need to enter, check out the specific setup instructions for each shipping carrier 👇





Read about how to set up Venipak here: Setting up Venipak

4. Integrating the Montonio shipping solution with your platform

Setting up Montonio shipping solution, i.e. creating a connection between your store and Montonio. Montonio shipping is currently supported for WooCommerce and over API. Below we will cover the WooCommerce setup, but head over to our API documentation page to get instructions for custom developments.

NOTE! There is no Test mode for shipping

If you want to test shipping, you can do that with test payment and Live shipping.


  1. Navigate to the WordPress admin view of your store → Select WooCommerce → "Settings" → "Montonio Shipping" from the menu.

  2. Click on "API Settings" in the top left and add your store's Montonio API keys. This step can be skipped if you're already using our payments and API keys are added and green.

    1. You can find the API keys in the Partner System - here is step-by-step guide How to Find API Keys for Integration

  3. Navigate back to the "Shipping" tab and tick the "Enable Montonio shipping" checkbox

  4. Select "Shipping V2" in the dropdown

  5. Select which status should be used when the label is printed, for example printing a label can automatically put your orders into "Completed" status.

  6. Configure if you want to show shipping carrier logos and parcel machine addresses in your checkout.

  7. Remember to "Save changes" at the end of the settings to fully enable Montonio Shipping.

Adding shipping methods to your checkout

After integrating the Montonio Shipping plugin to your store platform, you also need to add shipping methods to your checkout according to what you wish to offer to the customers.

This step is very crucial, so don't miss it!

Hooray, you did it!🥳

All that's left now is to go through the same settings for all shipping methods and the setup is complete.

Check what our shipping module features here: Montonio Shipping features

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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