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Card payments Balance & Payouts

Managing your Stripe account Balance and Payouts for Card Payments 2024

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Viewing your Balance

You can view the balance through the Payouts view in our Partner System. You will see the available balance that you can use to make refunds to your customers. In addition to your balance, you will also be able to see all of your payouts and the transactions within them.


Understanding Payout Processing

It is important to note that Stripe processes payouts three business days after the initial transaction takes place. The speed of your payouts will depend on the payout frequency you have chosen in your Partner System.

Choosing Your Payout Frequency

The default payout frequency is daily'. However, you can choose what suits you more. You will have three options for payout frequency:


Payouts will consist of payments made on each day and will be paid out daily with a +3 workday buffer.

For example: if some orders were made on Sunday, then the money will be paid out to you on Thursday (as 3 workday buffer applies here)

Every week:

Payouts will consist of payments made during the previous week. Payouts are paid out every Monday.

NOTE! Those orders that are going to be made on Thursday and Friday will be paid out next Monday

  • Example1: Orders made on the 12th(Monday), 13th(Tuesday) and 14th(Wednesday) of February will be paid out on 19th(Monday) of February

  • Example2: Orders made on the 15th(Thursday) and 16th(Friday) will be paid out on the 26th(Monday) of February

Every month:

Payouts will consist of payments made during the previous month. Payouts are paid out on the first day of each month (for example, the payout on April 1st will include March payments).

How to change your card payments payout frequency read here: How to change Card payments Payout frequency

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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