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Products default locale

What does “Products default locale”* mean in the Partner System? How to change Products default locale?

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What is “Products default locale”* meant for in Partner System?

It means in what language our solutions are by default (the redirect screen for the payment). So if you set it to Estonian, the customers using our payment solution in your store will see the solution in Estonian.

I have changed the “Products default locale”* language, but the payment gateway still shows up in the previous language.

So the Partner System setting is the "default" language. The store can also send a language with the payment so that if the customer is browsing the store, for example, in Estonian, our payment gateway is told to display the texts in Estonian. This will override the "default" setting in the Partner System.


Your browser will also remember your last choice. So if you have used our gateway in some language before, that preference always takes precedence.

To test if the language selection works properly, close the browser, then reopen it in Incognito/private browsing mode and then it will work as expected.

Noklusējuma valoda* in Latvian 🇱🇻

Toodete keel vaikimisi * in Estonian 🇪🇪

Numatytoji produktų lokalė * in Lithuanian 🇱🇹

Domyślny język produktów * in Polish 🇵🇱

Standardgebietsschema für Produkte * in German 🇩🇪

Products default locale * in English 🇬🇧

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