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Activating Montonio Payment Methods in PrestaShop
Activating Montonio Payment Methods in PrestaShop

How to activate Montonio products in your PrestaShop store

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Montonio offers several products that can be integrated with your PrestaShop store to offer your customers flexible payment options. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to activate all the Montonio products available through the Montonio PrestaShop plugin.

Montonio x PrestaShop plugin

To get started, make sure that your Montonio plugin is up to date.

Configure your Montonio plugin on PrestaShop

  1. Log in to your PrestaShop admin, go to Modules > Module Manager > search "Montonio".

  2. Click "Configure" on the right side, where you will be redirected to set Montonio payment solutions.

Activate Montonio payment methods

On the settings page, you will see several payment methods that you can activate. You can activate additional payment methods by clicking on the "Enable" button next to the method you want to activate.

General Settings

  • We kindly suggest you start from the Sandbox environment for testing purposes.

  • If everything looks fine, you may switch to Production environment

  • You can easily access API keys in our Partner System

  • Remember to click "Save"!

Montonio Payments

  1. Enable Montonio Bank Payments by switching it to "Yes".

  2. Set the default country, language and other preference for your payment.

  3. Click "Save"!

Montonio Card Payments

Before enabling card payments in your store, make sure that you have activated them in our Partner system this will help Activating card payments in Partner System.

To integrate Montonio Card payments check: Prestashop x Montonio Card Payments 2024

Montonio BLIK Payments 🇵🇱 (only for Poland)


  • You need to have an account that accepts PLN and the consumer needs to pay in PLN.

  • Blik service is only available in Poland and for Polish bank accounts

  1. Before enabling BLIK payments in your store, make sure that you have activated BLIK payment in our partner system. Here's the guide: How to activate BLIK.

  2. Enable Montonio BLIK Payments by switching it to "Yes".

  3. If you would like to add BLIK in the checkout, Set the"Enable BLIK in checkout" box to "Yes".

  4. Remember to click "Save"!

After successful setup, your checkout should look like below👇.

Montonio Payment method order

Set the orders of your checkout options! (The order will only be set for Montonio payment solutions, orders of other checkout in your store will not be changed here)

Test payments

After activating and configuring your preferred payment methods, it's a good idea to test them to ensure they are working as expected. You can do this by placing a test order in your PrestaShop store and selecting one of the Montonio payment methods at checkout. Follow the payment process, and make sure the payment is processed successfully.

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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