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How do I update my company's IBAN in Montonio Partner System
How do I update my company's IBAN in Montonio Partner System

How can I change my bank details?

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How to Change Your Bank Account Number (IBAN) in the Partner System?

NOTE! Only signatory role users can change the company's Bank account number.

If your company's bank account has changed, follow this step-by-step guide to update the IBAN details in the Partner System:

1. Log in to your account in the Montonio Partner system.

2. From the left-hand menu, click on Stores to view a list of your stores.

3. Click on the store name for which you want to change the IBAN.

4. On the right side, locate the Bank details section and click Edit:

5. Enter the company's registry code and update the bank account number (IBAN).

6. Click Save.

7. Verify your identity via eID or 2FA.

How I can verify my identity?

If you don't have the eID or 2FA active yet, please follow the steps indicated here: How to use 2-factor authentication in Montonio Partner System

If you have the eID or 2FA active, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Save button and then choose your country and the method you want to verify your identity. Then click the Confirm button.

  2. Choose the most convenient e-ID verification method.

  3. Once you've completed all the steps, you're done!

8. Congratulations! Your bank details have been successfully updated.


Please remember that the IBAN account you use must belong to the same company you signed up with. If you need to change the account holder's name or if the bank account belongs to a different company, please register again.

Error Message Information ❗️

If you are trying to change bank details and you see this error message, you should:

  • Double-check if the entered details are correct;

  • Register again, if the IBAN belongs to a different business than the one you are currently signed up with.

More information can be found here: How to get started with Montonio?

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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