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How to start integrating Montonio payment methods in WooCommerce?
How to start integrating Montonio payment methods in WooCommerce?
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How to test payments with Montonio for WooCommerce

The Montonio for WooCommerce plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate Montonio payment options into your store. Before you start testing payments, you will need to install the Montonio for WooCommerce plugin. Follow the instructions below to get started.

1. Installing and Updating Montonio for WooCommerce

To install the Montonio for WooCommerce plugin, follow the steps here: Installing and Updating Montonio for WooCommerce.

2. Sandbox API Keys

To test payments, you will need Sandbox API keys from the Partner System. Follow the steps here to get your Sandbox API keys: How do I find API keys for Sandbox payments

3. API settings

  1. Go to the WooCommerce admin panel;

  2. On the left side menu click WooCommerce -> Payments --> click on relevant Montonio payment option, e.g Montonio Bank payments (2024)

  3. Go to API settings - paste your store's sandbox API keys and save the changes (as displayed in the picture below).

4. Enabling payment methods and Test Mode

Once you have installed the plugin and entered your Sandbox API keys, you can enable test mode for each payment method you want to test.

Choose what payment methods you want to test and tick the boxes near each payment method.

Before enabling the test mode, make sure that you have enabled the payment method by ticking the box near "Enable/Disable".

To enable the test mode, tick the box near "Enable Test mode" and don't forget to save the changes.

Please note that there is no test mode for shipping. If you want to test shipping, you must wait for the activation.

5. Test Montonio payment methods in your store

After completing all the steps, you can test our payment methods on your website, by adding a product to your cart and going to checkout. Choose one of the payment methods and click “Complete or place order”.

After completing the test order, it must appear in the Partner system in the "Orders" tab.

That's it, you are almost ready to accept real payments!

Important note if your Business is already active in the Partner system❗️

To review test order information in the Montonio Partner system - it is important to use Test Mode. Simply toggle the Test Mode button to activate it. Once you see the yellow line at the top of the page - it means you are in the Sandbox environment:

To review real order information, simply switch off the Test mode button.

How to start accepting real payments?

This applies if your account has been activated in our Partner System:

NOTE! To start accepting real payments, make sure that you have turned off the test mode and activated each payment method in the Partner System.

Also, make sure you have set the environment to "Production" and changed Sandbox API keys for LIVE API keys.

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team or via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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