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How to set up Montonio shipping in Magento 2
How to set up Montonio shipping in Magento 2
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Montonio shipping is currently supported for Magento 2 and it's a separate plugin from the payments.

NOTE! Before you start setting up Montonio Shipping in your plugin, make sure that you have activated shipping in our Partner System. You can read about it here

1. Download and install the latest Magento Shipping plugin

The first step for setting up Montonio shipping in Magento, is to get our latest shipping plugin from our website and install it to your store. After installation you can continue with the rest of the setup.

You can find the most up-to-date plugin here:

If you're looking for instructions on how to install a plugin to Magento 2, you can read our help article.

2. Configure shipping settings in Magento

In order to get new shipping methods to your checkout, there are a few steps that need to be completed.

  1. Under Stores click on Configuration

  2. Click open the Sales tab and find Delivery Methods. Then, find Montonio Shipping and open it.

  3. Configure general shipping settings

    1. If you want Montonio’s solution to be active, then Enabled should be Yes.

    2. You should select when do you want to create a shipment. It can be created fully manually, whenever an order is created or when an order gets paid so it moves to processing status. We recommend using the state processing version to make sure that you only ship out paid orders.

    3. You can also configure what text will be displayed before the tracking number in the emails that go to the customer.

  4. Enter your Montonio production API keys.

  5. Under Sender information please enter the correct address of your business, where the packages would be sent out from. If any of these fields are left empty, then you will get an error.

  6. Under Available Methods you can select which delivery options you wish to show in your checkout. If you want to get the most updated information of the available shipping methods, then use the Pull/Update shipping methods button.

  7. Delivery methods are listed for each country separately. For each delivery method, there are configuring options.

    1. If you want to enable a method the On/Off selection needs to be On.

    2. The Method Name is how the delivery option name will be displayed in your checkout.

    3. You can set the price of each method in the Price field.

    4. Fields 4-5 control if you wish to offer this method for free, and from which order amount this will apply.

    5. If Enable package measurements check is turned On, then Montonio will check if the item will fit into the parcel terminal and if not, then the delivery method will not be shown in checkout.

    6. You can change the maximum weight of the order that is possible for each method.

    7. If Hide when no measurements is turned On, then the delivery method will be hidden if the selected product does not have measurements available.

    8. The Sort order field can be used to change the order of shipping methods in the checkout.

That's it - now you should be able to see all of the methods you turned on in your checkout and customers can make orders using Montonio shipping.

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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