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Montonio for Magento 2

April 2023 updates for Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce

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Montonio is excited to announce the release of our new Payment Initiation Service for Magento 2 or Adobe Commerce merchants titled “Montonio Payments”, and the release of our new Card Payments Service titled “Montonio Card”. We’ve also added BLIK for Polish merchants and updated the look and feel of our checkout experience.

The new versions provide many benefits over our previous payment solutions, and we encourage all our merchants to make the switch. In this article, we will explain the new features, list the benefits of the new versions of existing methods, and what to keep in mind when migrating.

☝️Our module works with Magento versions 2.3.* to 2.4.6.*.

Feature: New Payment Initiation Service (“Pay with a bank link”)

Our new Payment Initiation Service is titled “Pay with a bank link”. Here are the benefits of the new solution:

  1. User experience – We have improved the look and feel of our payment gateway, removed unnecessary UI pages, and improved behavior for rare use cases.

  2. Improved reliability and monitoring – We have greatly improved our ability to detect and respond to issues with banks and introduced systems to handle even the most unusual edge cases in the world of Open Banking payments.

  3. Connection to refunds systems – In Q2 we are launching our automatic refunds and bulk payouts service for bank payments. This service will only be available for merchants who switch over to the new platform.

  4. All payments in one place – Over the course of 2023 we are moving all our payment methods under one roof. This simplifies integrations and gives you the ability to see all your payments under the Orders page of the Partner System, instead of viewing them in separate tables with separate export features.

  5. Better readiness for new features – The new platform allows us to bring you new features much more quickly. To get the latest features and improvements, make sure you migrate over as soon as possible!

In addition to the module using our new service, we’ve also added a new front-end widget for bank selection. This brings three new configuration options:

  1. Default country: an option that controls what country is selected in the country dropdown at the checkout.

  2. Select country from address: an option that allows you to control whether the dropdown selects the country based on the customer’s billing address.

  3. Hide country selection: this option allows to hide the country dropdown option. The default country is then used for displaying banks.

Feature: Montonio Card Payments for all regions

Card payments trough Stripe are now available in Magento 2. This works similarly to our other methods and allows the same control over emails and invoice generation.

NB! It is important to note that before turning on the new service in Magento, you need to complete a simplified onboarding process in the Partner System.

Here's how you can start using the new Montonio Card Payments solution:

  1. Log in to your Partner System account at

  2. Navigate to "Stores" in the left-hand menu and select your store.

  3. Click on the "Payments" tab.

  4. In the "Card Payments" section, click on the "Activate" button.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the onboarding process.

Once you have activated Montonio Card Payments, you can manage your payments directly from the Partner System. If you have any questions or need assistance with the onboarding process, please do not hesitate to contact our support team using the chat feature in the Partner System.

Feature: Montonio BLIK payments for Poland.

Merchants in Poland can now use BLIK payments for PLN transactions. This works similarly to our other methods and allows the same control over emails and invoice generation.

Updates for logos and a widget for bank payments

All methods now have logos, titles and descriptions to ease the shopping experience for customers.

How to upgrade?

Magento 2 uses composer as its underlaying package manager and all Magento 2 extensions can be installed with composer. The Montonio package is not yet available on any public composer channel but is still a composer package that you can download and install from your local filesystem. Here’s how the installation process looks like:

# Downloading and Placing the Composer Package

## 1. Prepare the Environment:
Begin by creating a directory on your server to store your Composer packages.

mkdir composer-packages cd composer-packages

## 2. Download the Package:
Use the curl command to download the latest version of the package from Montonio. Ensure you adjust the download URL to reflect the latest version available, which can be found at Montonio Integrations.

curl -GOL

# Configuring Composer

## 1. Set Up Local Repository:
Register the folder where you downloaded the package as an artifact package channel with Composer. Replace ARTIFACT_PATH with the actual path where you stored the package (e.g., /var/www/packages).

cd path_to_magento_installation composer config repositories.localpackages artifact ARTIFACT_PATH

## 2. Install the Package:
Now, you are ready to install the package. Replace VERSION_NUMBER with the specific version you wish to install. Omitting :VERSION_NUMBER installs the latest version you have in your composer-packages folder.
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composer require montonio/module-hire-purchase:VERSION_NUMBER

# Post-Installation Steps

## 1. Upgrade and Flush Cache:
Upgrade the schema and flush the cache to ensure Magento recognizes the newly installed package.

bin/magento setup:upgrade bin/magento cache:flush

## 2. Verify Installation:
Log in to your Magento admin panel and navigate to the payment methods section. You should find Montonio's methods listed among the payment options.

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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