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How to update Magento 2 module
How to update Magento 2 module
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How to upgrade?

Magento 2 uses composer as its underlaying package manager and all Magento 2 extensions can be installed with composer. The Montonio package is not yet available on any public composer channel but is still a composer package that you can download and install from your local filesystem. Here’s how the installation process looks like:

#download and place the composer package to any folder in your server's filesystem 
#note to adjust the download url in curl command to latest version available
#you can always find the version from #process for downloading from command line (or you can use your preferred way to upload the package to the server)
mkdir composer-packages
cd composer-packages
curl -GOL

#register this folder as artifact package channel with composer while in magento installation folder
#replace ARTIFACT_PATH with the path you placed the package eq: /var/www/packages composer config repositories.localpackages artifact ARTIFACT_PATH

#now you are ready to install the package with following command
#replace the VERSION_NUMBER with specific version you would like to upgrade or downgrade to
#removing :VERSION_NUMBER all together will try to install the latest downloaded version you have in your composer-packages folder composer require montonio/module-hire-purchase:VERSION_NUMBER

#it is now installed. upgrade the schema and flush cache
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento cache:flush

#log in to your magento admin and find Montonio's methods in the payment methods list

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