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What are the benefits of Montonio's new Financing solution?
What are the benefits of Montonio's new Financing solution?

Why start using Montonio's Financing solution?

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Montonio can provide both Financing (Hire Purchase) and Pay Later (BNPL) payment methods. In this article, we'll look at the key benefits of using Montonio's Financing solution for your online store.

📈 Trusted brand & high conversions

Montonio is offering Financing solutions together with Inbank, one of the best-known and highly-rated banks for Financing and Pay Later.

  • For BNPL (pay in parts), the average positive decision rate is 90%+, and conversion from positive to contract is 97-98%

  • For Hire Purchase, the positive decision rate is 75% and conversion from positive to contract is >80%

  • All of that means more successful payments for your online store

Service fee

Pay Later (BNPL) - merchant service fee of 2.4% of the total order amount. We will invoice you if the product is not returned within 14 working days.

Financing - as an end user, a service charge of 11.4% of the total order amount, here there is no charge for the merchant.

💰 Convenient refunding

It's possible to refund (both fully and partially) orders directly from Montonio's Partner System without any hassle. All orders are shown in our Partner System under the "Orders" section, the same way bank payments or card payments are shown.

🌍 Expansion to other markets (Baltics, Poland)

By using Montonio's Financing, there's no need to have a dedicated Financing solution in other countries outside of Estonia. In 2024, we intend to start offering Financing in other countries besides Estonia too.

🛍️ Ability to generate offline credit applications

You can initiate credit applications in physical stores too. That application is sent to the customer who can complete the application via email. Basically, it is an online credit application flow, just the flow is initiated at a physical store.

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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