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Activate Montonio Financing solution for PrestaShop
Activate Montonio Financing solution for PrestaShop

How to activate new Financing solution for PrestaShop

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  1. Download our new Prestashop version from our homepage:

  2. Upload the plugin to your e-store from PrestaShop admin side. Open "Modules" ->"Module manager" -> Click "Upload a module" -> Upload the same file you have just downloaded from our homepage.

  3. Once uploaded, the plugin will be automatically installed and updated from the previous version.

  4. The next step will be to configure the settings. Click "Configure" from the pop-up after installation has completed. Montonio module settings will open up.

  5. Make sure Montonio API keys are still inserted to the "General settings" section.

  6. By scrolling down you can find "MontonioBnplPayments" and "MontonioFinancingPayments" options. Enable the one(s) you were using before and click "Save" for each one.

  7. Configure the order of payment options - previous options still show up in the order section as "(deprecated)". Replace them with "Montonio Pay Later Payments" and/or "Montonio Financing". Save.

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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