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How to show card fields directly in the checkout?
How to show card fields directly in the checkout?

This article explains how to enable credit card fields in the checkout without having to redirect the customer to Montonio's gateway

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We provide a solution in the checkout that allows the customer to insert their credit card details directly in the checkout.

This has multiple benefits for the merchant and the customer:

  • The customer is not redirected to an (external) page for inserting their credit card information

  • The payment flow takes place within the merchant's checkout. That increases trust

  • Overall keeping the customer in the checkout reduces friction and has a positive impact on conversions

Once implemented in the online store, this is how the flow looks like 👇

How to enable this feature?

To enable the functionality of card fields in the checkout for WooCommerce, just head over to settings --> Payments --> Montonio Card Payments (2024) and just enable the checkbox that says "Card fields in checkout".

NOTE! This functionality is not available on all platforms (plugins) yet. Below there's the list of platforms where keeping credit card fields in the checkout is possible.





Magento 1

Not yet

Magento 2

Not yet




Not yet


Not yet

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via chat in the bottom right corner.

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