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What do order statuses mean?

You can check your Order statuses in our Partner System

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This is the statuses shown in the orders table:

Pending - The order has just been created but has not been paid for yet

Abandoned - The order was voluntarily dropped by the end-user*

Authorized - The order has been paid by the end-user but awaits final confirmation from the bank**

Paid - The order has been paid for in full

Partially refunded - The order has been partially refunded

Refunded - The order has been refunded in full

* The abandoned status is enabled for merchants who started using Montonio after 2023.08.29. Contact Customer Support to enable this feature if you joined before 2023.08.29

**Feature available only for select enterprise customers.

For more details, refer to our API documentation

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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