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WooCommerce x Montonio Bank Payments (2024)
WooCommerce x Montonio Bank Payments (2024)

Start using Montonio's new Payment Initiation Service with WooCommerce

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This upgraded version offers numerous advantages compared to our previous payment solution, and we highly recommend to all of our merchants shift to this new platform.

In this article, we will outline the distinctions between the two solutions and highlight the reasons why migrating to the new platform is beneficial.

What are Montonio Bank Payments (2024)?

The payment method called “Montonio Bank Payments (2024)” in your WooCommerce settings is the 2024 version of Montonio's Payment Initiation Service. This is our new bank payment platform that enables faster, more reliable, and more user-friendly payments for WooCommerce merchants.

What are the benefits of the new payment solution?

User experience

We have made significant improvements to our payment gateway, with a primary focus on enhancing user experience. Our team has redesigned the interface, eliminating any unnecessary pages and perfecting the overall look and feel. Additionally, we have addressed rare use cases to enhance functionality. This is just the beginning, as our new platform allows us to continuously provide you with visual and UX upgrades in the future.

Improved reliability and monitoring

We have made significant advancements in detecting and responding promptly to any banking-related issues. Our systems can now handle even the most unusual scenarios that may arise in Open Banking payments, ensuring enhanced reliability and monitoring.

Connection to refund system

We have introduced automatic refunds and bulk payout services for bank payments. This feature is only available to merchants who have transitioned to our new platform, providing a seamless connection to the refund system.

More about Bank payment refunds here: Bank Payment Refunds

All payments are in one place

We are consolidating all our payment methods under one unified roof throughout 2024, streamlining integrations and providing you with a centralized view of all your payments within the Orders page of our Partner System. You no longer need to navigate through different tables or utilize separate export features.

Better readiness for new features

Our new platform allows us to introduce exciting new features and improvements swiftly. We strongly encourage you to migrate to the new platform as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest enhancements.

What are the limitations of the new payment service?🙅

The 2024 payment solution currently doesn’t allow you to generate payment links in the Partner System. Payment links can still be generated under the Payments page, using the previous system.

What do you need to do to migrate to the new platform?

If you are currently using Montonio's old payment solution, you will need to switch to the 2024 Payment Initiation Service before the old solution is phased out. To migrate, follow simple steps here:

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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