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Pay later marketing materials
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Inbank pay later sample text for e-shops

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Inbank payment methods

Inbank payment methods make getting the services you need even more convenient. Pay for your purchases only the next month or split the amount into 2 or 3 equal parts – easily and without any additional fees.

Select the most suitable solution from the following options:

Inbank pay next month

  • Pay by the 25th of the next month

  • Amount 30 – 800 €

  • 0 € additional fees

Inbank split into parts

  • Pay in 2 or 3 equal parts

  • Amount 75 – 2500 €

  • 0 € additional fees

Why choose the Inbank payment method?

  • Simple with no additional expenses – no interest, no contract fee, no monthly administration fee.

  • It is a smart way to get all the services you need at once, without sacrificing choice. You will start paying only next month.

  • Inbank pay later solutions are not instalment plans, but rather credit-free payment methods, which do not affect your credit score.

Using the Inbank payment method is easy!

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The purchase will be confirmed within a few seconds.

You can download the banners, logos, and text files here:

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