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Payments overview
How to see your Balances & Payouts
How to see your Balances & Payouts

This article explains how are balances & payouts shown in the Partner System

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The idea behind balances & payouts is to give you an overview of what is your balance, what are your payouts, etc.

This feature is relevant if you are using Card Payments (Stripe) and/or the Bank Payment Refund service.

Balances & Payouts are available from the “Payouts” menu in the Partner System. Upon clicking on “Payouts”, you will see all of your stores here.

How to see your payouts from the Partner System?

When you click on any store, you will see their balances for that store. A separate balance is shown for bank payments (the Bank Payment Refund service) and Stripe payments (Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, BLIK). You can also see all of the payouts that have been made or will be made.

Choosing Your Payout Frequency

You will have three options for payout frequency:

  • Every day: Payouts will consist of payments made on each day, and will be paid out daily with a +3 workday buffer.

  • Every week: Payouts will consist of payments made during the previous week. Payouts are paid out every Monday.

  • Every month: Payouts will consist of payments made during the previous month. Payouts are paid out on the first day of each month (for example, the payout on April 1st would include March payments).

Regarding the frequency of the payouts, this is how it works for Stripe and Bank Payment Refund services:

  • Stripe payouts are made on a “T+3” logic, meaning that payouts are made with a 3 business-day delay. On the 2nd of June, payouts are made for orders that were done on the 30th of May

  • Bank payment payouts are also made with a "T+3" delay, meaning that payouts are made on the next day. On the 2nd of June, payouts are made for orders that were done on the 30th of May

    • The main point for having this delay is to make sure there's enough balance to make a refund from

How to see the details of a payout?

Naturally, you are interested in knowing what transactions (orders and refunds) are included in a particular payout.

To see the transactions, you need to click on a payout and select “See transactions” from the drawer that appears on the right-hand side. It’s also possible to see the transactions from the “Expand” button.

The “Expected to arrive” date here represents the date on which we expect the money to arrive in your bank account. The rationale for this is that we’re not 100% sure when exactly the money will arrive in your account, hence the reference to expected to arrive.

The screenshot above sums up the logic with transactions. Each payout consists of transactions and there can be two types of transactions:

  • Payments → these add money to the balance

    • You can click on the Order ID associated with that Payment and you will see all of the information associated with that order

  • Refunds → these deduct money from the balance

Payment method also depends on which service you are using:

  • For Bank Payment Refund, the only payment method is payment initiation

  • For Stripe, the payment method can be BLIK or card payment

    • The latter also includes Google Pay and Apple Pay payments but we’re not showing them distinctively in the user interface. They’re shown as card payments

If you have additional questions and need our help, feel free to contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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